Aeron Chair Review

Best Meeting Chair – Setu Chair Review

Setu chair – the latest ergonomic chair from Herman Miller which is lightweight multi-tasker and also value-priced. It has an advanced Kinematic SpineTM which provides strength and perfect flexibility. The naval […]

Best Chairs For All Day Sitting

Sitting the whole day in your office or even sitting to work from home can get really uncomfortable if you don’t do any stretches at all, which is likely to cause body […]

Aeron vs Mirra Chair vs Humanscale and Others – The Difference

Aeron vs Mirra Chair The Aeron chair is a very good ergonomic chair. While the Mirra is a decent chair it doesn’t have the comfort that the Aeron chair does.  […]

Leap Chair vs Aeron and Other High End Chairs

The leap chair is a great chair to own and it has several differences and advantages over other ergonomic chairs such as the Aeron or Mirra chair. Leap Chair The […]

Leap Chair Review

The Steelcase Leap Chair is a contoured stylish chair that changes to your body movements. It features patented Live Back technology so as your back moves so does that chair. […]

Zody Chair Review

The Zody chair was designed by Michael Welsh of Haworth Design studio which is Michigan based and the German firm ITO. This chair is award winning and it’s been endorses […]

Aeron Chair Review

Are you interested in the Aeron chair? This ergonomic chair has a lot of benefits and features that make it an outstanding buy when it comes to a comfortable chair […]

Mirra Chair Review

I have a back condition called Spondylolisthesis and I haves suffered through back pain because of rowing and playing hockey in college. I bought the Mirra chair because it is […]

Picking the Right Aeron Chair for Your Needs

I love my Aeron chair but you need to know a few things about these chairs before you go out nay buy one. You have to consider the size, model, […]

What features should you look at in Choosing an Ergonomic Chair

Every person is different.  It should come as no surprise that every person needs something a little bit different when it comes to selecting the right ergonomic chair.  The following […]