Aeron vs Mirra Chair vs Humanscale and Others – The Difference

Aeron vs Mirra Chair

The Aeron chair is a very good ergonomic chair. While the Mirra is a decent chair it doesn’t have the comfort that the Aeron chair does.  The Mirra back is hard and it’s made out of plastic but the problems with it is the back is while it flexes there’s pressure and stress points placed on your back. The pressure isn’t even so you can end up with a sore back with the Mirra chair. Your weight tends to be on the shoulders and the lower back and not on other areas of your back. These stress points may poke you over time and cause you discomfort. The Aeron chair has a very soft back and there’s a more even distribution of the pressure.

On the Mirra the seat is much like the Aeron but it’s smaller and this causes the seat edges to stick up and you end up feeling this against your legs. You need to adjust the chair for a forward tilt to avoid them. The Mirra chair is more supportive and it’s suitable for just about everyone unless you have back problems. The Aeron on the other hand is more comfortable.


Humanscale vs Aeron Chair

When you work long days you need a very comfortable chair to get you through the day. Both the Humanscale chair and the Aeron chair are great chairs to own. The Aeron is fully loaded and it’s very adjustable so you can get the chair to conform to the way you like to sit. On the other hand some won’t like it because the seat doesn’t slide like the Humanscale seat. The Aeron chair also has a great lumbar support too.

  • Try both chairs and see what works for you
  • No two people will like the same chair so experiment and see
  • Some will like the Humanscale while other will like the Aeron chair it’s all a preference mostly
  • Both chairs are equally suitable for most people

Aeron vs Leather Executive Chair

Many people are used to a leather executive style chair. These chairs feel great when you first sit in them but these can decrease over time. Many of these chairs are quite cheaply made and they don’t have a lot of adjustments in them. What’s more, many of these chairs don’t have adjustable backs and there’s just not the great support there in a standard executive chair. The executive style leather chairs can bring you discomfort over time because while they are comfortable for a time they aren’t meant to be sat in for long periods of time, as they lack the adjustments that chairs such as the Aeron have.  Don’t choose a chair because it looks good, chose a chair that’s comfortable.


Picking the Best Mirra Chair for Yourself

If you’re going to go with a Mirra chair you should go with a fully loaded chair. This will give you more adjustments that aren’t on the basic model of the chair.  The loaded chair has adjustable seat pan depth, adjustable arms, adjustable lumbar support, and tilt limiter.


  • The basic is fine for the boardroom but you’ll want the loaded chair if you’re sitting for longer periods.
  • Fully Loaded/Highly Adjustable WITHOUT Forward Tilt
  • Fully Loaded/Highly Adjustable WITH Forward Tilt

Make sure you get the Mirra chair with the forward tilt as this is well worth the $30 extra that you pay for it. If you get it without the forward tilt you’re not getting the good back support that you do when you have it. This support makes it easier whеn you’re typing at the keyboard.  When you don’t get the tilt, the chair won’t follow your back and you don’t get that good support. You’re not tilted forward a lot you’re just supported when you lean forward a bit but this can make a world of difference when you type. This is a more natural position for typing and it’s worth it to get the tilt in your Mirra chair. It really doesn’t make sense to get the Mirra chair without the tilt option.


No matter what chair you get be sure that you get a warranty with your chair. Both chairs come with excellent warranties and it doesn’t make much sense to buy your new ergonomic chair without a good warranty. You will get an excellent 12 year warranty of the chairs. It’s better to buy the chair new than to find one that’s refurbished because you won’t get the full warranty in most cases. These chairs are worth the extra expenditure to get the long warranty. For some older chairs you might be able to transfer over the remainder of the warranty so for some people an older chair can work but try to get a new one if you can.


The truth is that no matter how you compare the Aeron chair and the Mirro chair you can getting two very good chairs that will last you a long time. The Aeron has an excellent lumbar support and the Mirra chair has similar great qualities. For both chairs you should go with the fully loaded models as these will give you all the options and adjustments that you want in a great chair.

Before you buy any high-end ergonomic chair, you’ll want to try out the various models. It can take time to find one that works well for you so make sure you do some shopping around. You may like a Mirra or a Humanscale chair while someone else likes the Aeron, its’ all a matter of preference. Another point is that you should buy a new chair when possible so you get the full warranty which is well worth it. These chairs are worth the extra amount you pay to get them new as you never know what you’ll get with a used or refurbished chair.



  1. I prefer the Aeron chair. However, choosing a suitable Aeron so comfortable to sit is a complicated job. Need proper consideration such as size, lumbar support, and so on. For size, there is a gray area so we have to be very careful to select it. If we chose the wrong size, the result is we would get uncomfortable chair. However, the Mirra design is also attractive. So, The Aeron remains superior. But if we want another experience, we can choose the Mirra. Both are manufactured by the same company, which is the Herman Miller.

  2. J. Pudwill says:

    I have a Mirra chair and I love it. While you mentioned the Mirra comes with a hard back which can be a bit uncomfortable, my Mirra came with a slightly padded web netting back that’s totally comfortable – I assume this is an available option.

    And whether it’s just anecdotal on my part, when I compared the Mirra to the Aeron, I felt the Mirra had a couple of extra adjustments that offered better comfort for my 5′ 6″ frame.

    While I think both chairs are exceptional, I would strongly recommend getting the padded web backing if you should opt for the Mirra.

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