Leap Chair Review

The Steelcase Leap Chair is a contoured stylish chair that changes to your body movements. It features patented Live Back technology so as your back moves so does that chair. The chair mimics the movement of your spine. The arms slide in, out, forwards, and backwards. The seat glides forwards so you can stay oriented at your work desk. When you lean forward the edges of the seat flex which relives pressure on your legs. You can work comfortably in this chair and stay that way for a long period. If you’re tired of chap chairs that don’t keep you comfortable then you’ll love the Steelcase Leap Chair.


Good Points

This chair has a lot of good points to it. Here are some of them.

  • The backrest conforms to your back and this is better than any other chair that we have tried. This feature will help your back but it takes some time to find the right setting. You’ll need to experiment until you do but it’s worth it.
  • This chair has adjustments that are very easy to do. You don’t have to twist and contort to find the levers and other adjustments on the chair. You’ll have to experiment to find the right combinations to suit you.
  • With this chair you can lean right back into it. You can recline and the seat won’t have any tilt. This takes pressure off of your back and it helps relive back stress.
  • The armrests on this chair are the best that we have ever seen or used in any ergonomic chair.
  • The Leap chair has a simple, effective and unobtrusive lumbar support system.

Reasons to Buy

While the chair is very expensive it also has a plenty of great features that make it worth the purchase price.

  • If you sit all day and have back problems then this chair can help your back a great deal. A good chair is essential when you want to support your back and the Leap chair does this very well. For that reason also it’s an excellent buy.
  • With this chair you cаn lean back and still type comfortably while at your keyboard. You won’t hunch over and the chair helps you keep a good posture. As you’re reclined you’ll take the pressure off of your back and spine and you’re back will feel great because of this. The can customize the lumbar support a great deal with the Leap chair.

Cons of This Chair

  • This chair can take a considerable amount of time to get used to. It will take time for your body to adjust to it.  Since this adjustment period takes time some people might think that the chair isn’t very good. It can take a week to get used to this chair which might put off some people.
  • The seat on the chair is way too hard. It’s almost like sitting on a park bench. You may want to get some cushions for your chair and try those. Try to get some good cushion foam which wil improve the seat of the chair.
  • Recline tension in the chair can take some time to get used to. There’s no locking in place of the recline position in the chair despite five recline-limit-stops.

Chair Adjustments

The best way to get a lot of use out of your Leap chair is to perform adjustments on the chair. You will need to ensure that your lumbar bar is in the right position. You can do this by loosening the lumbar flex in the chair. This will help the chair give some and it will conform to your back better. Once it’s adjusted right the lumbar support will conform to your back and you’ll be comfortable in that chair. This takes some experimenting to get it right for your needs.

This adjustment is all a personal preference so there’s no one right way to adjust this ergonomic chair. By adjusting it you cаn lean back and still get the support you need while typing. This can help you stay at the keyboard for longer periods of time without fatigue.


The Leap chair is a very comfortable chair that takes some time to get used to. Its only real drawbacks are thе length of time it takes to adjust to the chair and the harder than normal seat. If you take the time to experiment with the adjustments it makes this chair much more comfortable. It’s not a chair you can just sit in out of the box you need to play around with it for some time. This might frustrate some people but  once you get a setting that works for you that chair is well worth the price tag.

This chair is perfect for the office where you need a comfortable chair or for the home environment. Once you get used to the adjustable lumbar support system you will find that this chair works very well. The lumbar support matches the curve of your spine and it gives you the support you need. Getting the chair to do this for you can be that hard part but once you do, you’ll be glad that you bought this chair.

We can recommend the Leap chair for anyone that’s looking for a chair to meet individual needs. Many chairs only have a few settings but with this chair you can get multiple settings and have a chair that is just the way you want it.  We have tried a lot of chairs and have found that the Leap chair is one of our favorites. The ease of adjusting the chair and the amount of settings you can get with the Live Back technology makes the Leap chair worth it. Make sure you give the chair some time to conform to your body because once you do; you won’t want to get out of the chair. You can sit in this chair for a long time and not have any discomfort at all.


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